A lot has changed in over two decades. On 10-10-99, I uploaded a page (this page with most of the original crappy pre-rendered markup intact) which was supposed to replace a web site that made Worst of the Web on July 15, 1999. No, it was not this page that made Worst of the Web, but it could (and should) have been. I was just learning how to make my own web sites, and back then, it was only a series of static pages with Matt's Script Archive FormMail on it. I was proud of this creation, and was very excited on what my new found web tools would bring me. In fact, when I discovered my site was featured, I wondered what went wrong and tried to see what makes good web pages. According to the critics, one suggested a program I never heard of before called Vi. I would not discover Vim until a year or so later only to find out that had a learning curve.

Over the years, many people have inspired me to improve my web site design, and one of those people I have not talked to in almost an equal amount of time is a fellow named Murdoctor who used to hang with a lady named nurserobyn on the old Yahoo Java-based chat room. Yes, there was a "falling out" and web drama ensued (based on my own mistakes which I take full responsibility for). Putting that aside, it was that fellow who took one look at my monstrosity and suggested I use a real HTML editor and start with the <title> tag. The rest is history.

It is interesting this little page survived the dot-com bubble, three presidents, a recession, an ongoing war on terror, and acquisitions. No, this little page will never be as great as web 1.0 survivors such as Amazon, E-Bay or Yahoo. However, I do feel happy I managed to keep a web site up for as long as this considering most web sites I start rarely last a month. Maybe this site should be a lesson: forget the password.